Sunday, April 08, 2007

Divine Dice-Roll

Let's pretend you are sitting down to play a game of poker. Among your opponents is....Jesus.

Do you think you stand a chance of winning? Even if he plays fairly which, as God, it ought to be presumed He would.

Unless he let you, that is. Do you think any experience, any skill at counting, or any other devices could give you an edge over...God?

Really. How much would you bet against Jesus at a card game?

What about dice?

Now, what if, instead of money, you were playing for your soul?

And what if Jesus wants you to win?


I call it the Divine Dice-Roll. Jesus enters the Garden of Gesthemane, after the Last Supper, where he tells his disciples, basically, "Let's Roll" (no pun intended).

There begins the awfulest night any man has ever had to endure. Everyone deserts him, the authorities abuse him physically, and they finally crucify Him. Jesus did this to save men from their sins.

But men have free will. What if they don't bother to accept his salvation?

Does Jesus walk away from the table a loser?

If you went up against him and his Love with all your free will, and the stakes were your soul, and he wanted you to win your soul even more than you do, do you think, do you really think, Jesus would walk away from that table a loser for eternity, just because you're a moron and don't know a Good Thing when you see it, because you have been given the gift of "free will," and given it by him to begin with?

Gravity is a universal law. But there is a higher law, called "the law of lift." Lift trumps gravity.

Grace trumps ignorance.

Always has, always will.
This is why there is hope, even for you.


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