Saturday, December 23, 2006

ban this.

Few things are as beautiful as a foggy Connecticut morning with the sun breaking through. Getting a really cool rental car at 1/2 the usual rate is beautiful, too, in a different way. Sitting in traffic can be beautiful, if there’s a good song on the radio that you can sing to.

I heard a great lyric today: “…the only way to see again / is to let love in.” Life can be a really dark place without the light of love.

It’s the day before Christmas-eve. So, what’s that manger scene all about, anyway? What’s up with that baby? Why is he such a big deal? And why do people act a little nicer when the little statues and animals and hay are set up all over the place? Even the weather seems nicer. And the people at Hertz cut you a break. Strangers are nice to each other, when the nativity scenes are out. Who in their right minds would seek to do away with that?

The Baby somehow changes us.


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