Monday, November 13, 2006

train of thoughts - unplugged

(this was written on October 27, 2006)

Yes, that's right, not only are these thoughts being recorded the old-fashioned way -- Papermate pen and yellow legal pad -- I also purposely left my usual Metro North companion, the iPod shuffle, at home. I do have a cellphone, but I'm turning it off for the weekend.

Is this a new trend of thoughts? Who knows. This weekend I am outbound, for real, to a retreat. A Catholic retreat, as a matter of fact, at Villa Maria Guadalupe, the retreat center of my beloved friends, the Sisters of Life.

Ahh, bliss -- but what's this? Someone is about to sit next to me and shatter my bliss. Normally I would hide inside the iPod and tune out the rude and poorly adjusted commuters, but I'm toughing it this weekend, in search of peace. No escaping into an iPod for me.

Anyway, the Sisters had been aware of how anxious I was to get out of the City. So, when a space at a scheduled retreat opened up, they immediately thought of me. And I immediately accepted the invitation to the conference, which has the interesting title, "The Dignity of Man and Woman." I'm a big fan of dignity, and hearing an in-depth Catholic perspective at a much needed retreat piques my interest and even stirs up a little anticipation.

(November 13, 2006): What a weekend it was. More later.


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