Friday, March 03, 2017

Yesterday's Conspiracy Theories... Part 1

...are today's headlines.

Russia's jets provocatively buzzing US destroyers.  The media provocatively buzzing the Trump administration.

Theory #1: This is entirely Russia's doing.  You can perhaps figure out what its motives might be.

Theory #1 implies that the Western media is Russia's handmaiden.  It's obviously somebody's, and that somebody obviously despises the United States, so is it such a stretch to conclude that it belongs to the very Sworn Enemies of the USA and the Masters of Disinformation, the communists?  Hint: No.

We've said for years that the jihad is the tool of communism, too, as is 1/3 or more of congress, it has become painfully clear. And the Church. And the Education Establishment, and their acolytes. Read Horowitz.  Read Malachi Martin.  It's a thing.  

Anything that destabilizes the West serves the stated goals of communists, goals that have never been repealed.

Dare to imagine it.  You read it here first.


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