Thursday, November 03, 2011


We invite you to ponder the possible connections between the notorious acronyms. Here are some helpful hints to get you started:

If the Left is decrying something, it is usually to distract from the fact that it is embracing it. Thus, if the Left -- OWS -- is demonizing "Wall Street", look for the Left -- BHO -- to be making love to IT -- MFG.

The Left's -- Jon Corzine's -- Wall Street mistress is MF Global, a Primary Dealer. A primary dealer is one of the few privileged firms that handle securities transactions for the US Treasury. The Treasury has been a very active customer since TARP and various "stimulus" initiatives under the Leftist -- BHO -- administration. We're not sure how they're all connected to companies like Solyndra, or the to the Greek and various other Euro states.

We can't fathom why Corzine's MFG would be stealing (allegedly) over a billion dollars from its retail and institutional clients -- perhaps Treasury needed a little margin. Or where the Greek promise to invest a billion dollars in solar initiatives to "grow" its economy fits in. But we do know that OWS and MFG and BHO (and company) are Fellow Travelers, so we await the eventual unveiling of all the connections.


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