Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meet Your Enemy

This man has made hundreds of millions of dollars finding and selling details of your personal life. Shouldn't you get a royalty?
Ex-Drug Smuggler Turned Data Miner Reclaims a Field He Created

Hank Asher -- high school dropout, cyber pioneer, friend to law enforcers, enemy to child predators, nemesis of privacy advocates, ex-cocaine smuggler -- is back in the business of finding almost everything that’s known about anyone in the U.S.

Law enforcement applauds Asher for his help in catching child-predators. Defenders of privacy may regard the latest version of his system to search databases and collate the results as a menace, as they did his anti-terror Matrix system developed during the Bush administration.
Notwithstanding that the man's access to government and super-secret corporate databases has allowed him to "assist law enforcement" and nail child predators, it must be remembered that such things are window dressing in this story. Such details are designed to keep you from having a proper hatred for the sort of electronic rifling of your file cabinets that self-promoters like this gladly do on behalf of governments, other institutions, and the sorts of dubious law-enforcement washouts who become "private investigators", for as little as two-bits for a look.

This wholesale parsing of your every recorded word and deed is done without accountability to anyone, least of all, to you. This man has made a fortune putting you under the surveillance of professional busybodies.

The "information" gathered becomes the basis for "profiles" of your behavior, psychological assumptions about your very personality that are used to make decisions about you, grant or deny you opportunities; essentially putting the power to judge and affect your life in the hands of...failed cops. You ought to be pissed.


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