Monday, August 08, 2011

Not Betting on Coincidence

We hadn't intended to go there, but we've just seen some live footage of the looting and burning in London.

Somewhere on this blog you'll find posts from the last "global financial meltdown" that muse on the very orderly demise of once great financial institutions Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, how they fell like sitting ducks, and how there was evidence of concerted naked shorting of their stocks -- something that is not only illegal but cannot be done on a such a large scale without substantial resources, cooperation, and rank fraud. Of course we explained how the falling equity value would necessarily force such firms to shutter. We introduced the concept of intention with the term "Financial Terrorism" and watched the financial media eventually pick up on it, ever so briefly.

Today we are witnessing an even more global meltdown, complete with the most "timely" occurrences of civil unrest -- Greece, London, Israel, and who knows where next.

We find coincidences to be extremely rare and, rarer still, successive. While have no reason to conclude so, we are fully open the possibility that we are witnessing organized, global anarchy and an attack upon organized social and financial institutions. There really isn't a good explanation yet just why the Dow Jones is down over 10% in the last week, or why the Tel Aviv TA-25 index is down 19% in a month; or why the "anarchy" in London (FTSE: -16% in a month) -- notably in the "absence of police presence" -- is being duplicated in city after city. This is the age of the "flash mob."

And we don't have reason to believe it's a succession of coincidences.

It could very well be the culmination of collective folly, corruption, arrogance and oppression being set ablaze by economic malaise and dog-days heat; all being exacerbated by the presence of anarchists, 30 years on, in the White House, which amounts to a permissive if not agitating vacuum of leadership. More likely it is all this being seized upon by the sorts of opportunistic, malevolent gangsters who flourish in times like these. But we'll see. In the meantime, pay attention to China.


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