Monday, July 28, 2008

audacity by any other name...

Call me cynical if you wish, but I think not. Skeptical? Most definitely. Only a fool wouldn't be.
Therefore, when yet another super-highly-extremely improbable occurence occurs in Obama's world, and by some further coincidence a) it makes him appeal to some voting block and b) we all manage to hear about it, then it's time to make [yet] a[nother] note of it.
This week's Obamincidence concerns the very solemn, private prayer of Barack Hussein Obama at the holy Western Wall in Jerusalem. Apparently, highly visible types often have their photos taken at the Wall. But when was the last time someone managed to have his "prayer" leaked to the press?
In the prayer closet.
Never, that's when. The official story is that some mischievous local spied Obama and stole his little scroll (of hotel stationery), containing his private entreaty to the Almighty, which he had meekly stuffed into the Wall.
That much may be true. But whether the little thief had recently cashed a check from the Obama for President 2008 bank account is the real question.
Of course, Occam's Razor says, "it is what it is." And Train's corollary to Occam's Razor says, "...until it's not."
So, is it a new low in deceptive campaign tactics or isn't it?
Well, let's apply a little hindsight to our analysis. The object of anything a presidential candidate does is to win the hearts of voters. All events that can be are choreographed to do exactly that; and those that can't be are spun to the same end. And be sure, with hundreds of millions of dollars being spent to grab that Big Brass Ring, the choreography will be top-notch and the spin-doctors will make Ben Casey seem like an amateur.
Today, Bloomberg News proclaimed,

Obama Wins Young Evangelical Voters in Battleground-State Push

Yes, this a mere news-day (Sunday doesn't really count as a news-day) since this other headline warmed up our coffee on Saturday morning:




During a presidential campaign, the rules that apply to everyday life are suspended. It's as if Hollywood takes over for a time, and the campaign trail becomes its set. And everyone knows that, on a Hollywood set, Occam's Razor does not apply because things are never what they seem. Every prop is carefuly placed to compliment the image.
This is not a commentary on the sincerity of anybody's prayers. Only on the sincerity of one's multi-million-dollar image. And on his choice of props.
So be skeptical. Or be fooled.


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